Tuesday , 11 December 2018


New York City escapee in Atlanta, blogger, independent thinker, traditionalist, nerd, civil libertarian. Wookiee, Tribble & tree hugger. Mac head (way before it was cool). Baseball nerd. Frequent LOLer. Deliberate disposer. Dreamer. Politics, policy & culture junkie. CW debunker. Writer, artist, photographer, musician, singer, lyricist, improv guy. Author of "Pizza for Good," "Leaving Triscuit" with more on the way. Travel writer, blogger, media analyst and journalism geek. Metaphysics nut. Idea and entrepreneur guy, proud generalist freelancer, frequent pain in the ass. Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my weekly newsletter, CrankyYank: Writing. Culture. Sideways. Support indie authors and artists and buy a book today!


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